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Inspired by my mother's love for African Figurines, this digital paper is bright and bold, just how I love to design things.

Becoming a better textile and pattern designer has been a great never ending journey. This passion of mine started about three years ago in 2018. At this point in time, I was dibbling and dabbling in creating watercolor clipart graphics for commercial use. In February of 2018, I started my first graphic design position at Quilt in a Day. Ironically, my grandmother was an avid quilter and taught me how to sew and thread her sewing machine when I was little. Still till this day, I believe my grandmother, whom resides in heaven, is living vicariously through me. One of my bosses is a famous quilter by the name of Eleanor Burns! Let's just say, she is an absolute sweetheart, the sweetest boss I've ever had, along with countless others.

While working at QIAD as their Graphic Designer and Social Media Manager, I get the pleasure to work with endless beautiful, gorgeous, vibrant, and luscious fabric bolts. I have always had a love for fashion, even as a child. When I was younger, in grade school, if you asked me what I wanted to be when I grew up, I would have said "Fashion Designer".

Sadly upon graduating high school and having dreams of attending FIDM in San Diego, I quickly realized once I got to Southern California, that this wasn't the best idea for my future. I worked in retail for over a decade before returning to school at MiraCosta College to obtain my A.A. in Graphic Design. It was the best decision I've ever made!

The lack of colorful people within many industries has always stood out too many of us. This is the void I started to help fill with creating whimsical watercolor diverse graphics that included more images of black people. As well as more images of black and white graphics together. When I seen this on Etsy, I really loved it and it inspired me to create my own watercolor illustrations. I thought this would just be a side hustle, I would just create things and let others use them. One day, I decided to try and make my own digital paper, I mean, why not, I have over 30k illustrations. This was the beginning of something magical. Although I was absolutely horrible in the beginning, I am working my way on becoming a master pattern designer. Now that I have learned to make seamless patterns with my illustrations, the possibilities are endless.

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The graphic set for African Supremes is also available in our Etsy shop, Designbundles and Creativefabrica. During this whimsical pattern design adventure I will be selecting graphics to release for others to use. I really wanted to keep this set for just Digital Doodlers but I want to become great, committing to releasing 100's of great quality patterns and graphic sets all while building up our brand too! Currently we offer FREE COMMERCIAL USE for up to 500 uses as long as you mention our shop in anything you use that has our graphics in it. Currently I am looking to work with a well know printing company that can guide me in the direction of creating my own online planner/stationery shop. My current site is just something I started to learn graphic design and web design as well. Enjoy this FREE Digital Paper on me!

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